Bee Branch Community Orchard

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The Bee Branch Creek Restoration Project involved replacing almost one-mile of storm sewer in downtown Dubuque with a creek and floodplain to allow for storm water to move through the area without flooding properties nearby. Included in the City’s design for the lower portion of the Bee Branch is a small public orchard nestled within 2,300-feet of landscaping and green space.

The goal of the Bee Branch Community Orchard Project Team is to partner with the City to foster community engagement around the food forest. This includes the design of consistent and engaging educational signage. The team will also research best practices for volunteer engagement, educational programs, and curriculum that can be used in the food forest.


Download Landscape Detail Lower Bee Branch Creek Restoration

Download Plant Species List and Calendar

Planned plants for the Bee Branch Community Orchard include semi-dwarf apple, cherry and pear tress, herbs, asparagus, strawberry, and rhubarb, and will be primarily planted by Nauman Nursery, who has the landscaping contract.

You can find more info about the entire Bee Branch project at

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