Dem Greens



Located at 360 E 13th St.

(Corner of 13th and Elm, across from Dutrac Community Credit Union)

Mission: Dem Greens is a donation garden with a mission of providing healthy food to people who may not have access to it. “We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables not commonly found in Dubuque grocery stores including fresh okra and collard greens, green tomatoes, cassava, and white maize.”

Lynn Sutton Cabbages 2016 Garden Hours:
Typically Lynn can be found in the garden 5-7PM on weekdays late May – October

Layout of Garden:
Dem Greens is on a 15 x 100 plot

Where does the food go?
Produce is donated to neighbors, pantries,
and meal sites. Interested in a donation? Talk to Lynn!

How can I get involved?
Contact Lynn about volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups.

Is there educational support for new gardeners?:  YES!


When should I get in touch if I’m interested in gardening or volunteering? 

Anytime, talk to Lynn about bringing your group to volunteer.

How was the garden started? 

Lynn Sutton founded the garden,  Dem Greens, in 2015 when she came across a contractor with a vacant lot and said, “I want to start a community garden!”.

Did you receive grant/s or funding? 

Some support was provided by the Community Garden Coalition funding source.



 Lynn Sutton
563 564 8865



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