Dr. Viner Community Garden

Dr. Viner1

465 Lincoln St. Sylvia House

Dr viner3

Mission: To teach people in a wide range of diversity how to garden and cook the food they produce in a nutritional manner.

Hosting Organization: Crescent Community Health Center, County Health Dept, VNA, HyVee, Operation Empower and Mercy Medical

Price: Free

Eligibility: Open to all

Layout of garden: 4 by 10 ft. plots, hours vary from day to day


When should I get in touch if I’m interested in gardening or volunteering?

A: April

Where does the food go?

A: To those involved.

How was the garden started?

A: With the Harkin wellness grant. Additional grant support provided by Theisen’s, Mercy, & HyVee

How many people are actively involved in the success of the garden currently?

A: 33 including the childrens program

Do you or would you like to host school groups, youth, or other groups at the garden?

A: We do, and yes!


Kathy Hutton


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