Jaycees Community Garden


Veterans Park

2700 Northview Drive

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Mission: Our aim as volunteer organizers of this initiative is to provide opportunities that are not feasible through private business or city ventures, and to help our neighborhoods grow in self-sufficient and sustainable ways. Our goal is to promote self-sufficiency, environmental stewardship, and the merits of a healthy lifestyle.

Hosting Organization: Dubuque JayceesJaycees 3 edit

Layout of garden: 

  • 11 in-ground
  • 3 raised garden beds
  • 5 waist-high beds for gardeners with limited mobility.

The garden is surrounded by a deer fence.

How much does it cost?

Plots will be available for annual rental fees of $35 for in-ground beds and raised beds, $45 for waist-high beds, plus a $25 deposit, which will be returned after harvest if the plot is cleared. Income-based fee waivers are available.

All are welcome!
Income-based fee waivers are available.

How do I get a plot?

Contact Val Vorwald at (563) 543-5271
or via email at valvorwald@gmail.com 
Deadline to reserve a plot is April 22nd.


Where do I dispose of garden waist?

As garden trash must be removed on a regular basis there is trash disposal available on site.

Is water available on site?

Yes. Watering will be accomplished by hand, using a vessel (watering can/pail) to transport water from the water spigots to your plot. Hoses are not allowed. Garden Members should conserve the use of water with mulch or straw to reduse water evaporation.

How is the garden supported?

Dubuque Jaycees, City of Dubuque and garden plot fees.


Val Vorwald
563 543 5271


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