Eleanor Roosevelt Victory Garden

Location: Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School, Asbury 

Contact Person: Jamie Easley, 563-564-5585

Layout of Garden: 75’x75′ plot will include an outdoor classroom area, raised beds, fruit trees, compost area, theme gardens, and other amenities such as bird bath and bird houses.

Where does the food go?: Ours is a dual mission: we would like to provide our own students and staff with fresh, wholesome produce as well as provide for our local shelters.

How was the garden started?: Two of our honors students, Lexi Lonning and Emma Holesinger, first introduced the idea of a school garden as a way to combat local poverty and the need for wholesome foods for the needy in our area. Having a school garden was also a long-range goal for this science teacher. The two efforts dovetailed nicely.

Grant money?: Thus far, we have received an $800 grant from the Dubuque Community Garden Coaltion. This will help us build our initial set of raised beds. We will actively seek grant money in the future as the project develops.

How many are currently involved?:  Jamie Easley is the teacher moderators for the garden. We have a core garden club group of about 8 students who are excited to work with us every step of the way.

What do we need?: The greatest need right now is a source of organic soil! We’d like to start with 7 12’x4’x18″ raised beds which will need a considerable amount of soil. We’ll move on from there, seeking out tools, seeds, and garden amenities.

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