Washington Neighborhood Garden

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 1800 block of Washington St.

(Across the street from Orange Park)

Contact: Dbqwashingtongarden@gmail.com

or visit our Facebook Page! 

Mission: To offer a garden space where Washington Neighborhood families can grow produce and build relationships among one another.

Hosting Organization: Washington Neighborhood Development Corporation

Price: Free

Eligibility: Open to all, with priority being to Washington Neighborhood families first. No prior gardening experience required.  If interested in growing with us, please complete this form.

Layout of garden:  There are 22 plots, 4 feet wide by 12 feet long.

  • Other plantings: There are 6 fruit trees (apples and pears) for free picking on site, along with additional plantings of herbs, strawberries, and other flowering perennials.
  • Compost system: There is also a three bin composting system for the garden and neighborhood use.
  • Rain water collection system: There are two rain water collection towers for use in the garden.
  • Tool Shed: Tool shed is available and stocked with tools for use in the garden.

Orientation: Orientation for the next gardening season takes place each spring. Here we cover plot assignments, basic overview of how garden works, water, tools, compost system, etc.

Future project goals for 2017:

  • Construct garden borders
  • Drip irrigation system
  • Lay brick walkways
  • Chicken coop
  • More perennial plantings

Educational support for new gardeners:  YES!

A Master Gardener will be on site to host a group gardening day on Wednesday evenings from 5-7pm to help with gardening questions.


When should I get in touch if I’m interested in gardening or volunteering?

Anytime before April 30th or during the growing season. Contact: Dbqwashingtongarden@gmail.com

Where does the food go?

Food grown in plots goes to the garden caretakers of each plot. Unoccupied plots are grown as donation plots with free produce placed in grab boxes for anyone passing by.

How was the garden started?

Donations were received and several volunteer days were hosted initially just to get the garden going.

Did you receive a grant/s?

Yes, from Sustainable Dubuque and the Community Housing Initiative (CHI.)

How is it supported?

Fundraising and volunteer help

How many people are actively involved in the success of the garden currently?

15 people are actively involved in the garden for 2016

Do you or would you like to host school groups, youth, or other groups at the garden?


What’s needed?

  • Plot Caretakers
  • Special projects (building/construction)
  • Any other garden tools for sharing!



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