NICC (Northeast Iowa Community College)

IMG_5076.jpg8342 NICC Drive

(behind the NECAS building, left of the main entrance)

North East Iowa Community College (NICC) school garden launched in 2015 after a few students and administrators put their heads together in March, 2014 during School Garden 101 at Dubuque County Extension.


Layout of Garden: 

  • 9 Raised bed gardens
  • 2 in-ground perennial beds with edible landscaping and pollinator plants
  • Pumpkin patch
  • fruit trees, butterfly and perennial gardens, and in-ground gardens.

More updates to come, stay tuned!

If you are interested in helping them fulfill their goals, want to get involved, or have questions, please complete the contact form below.

Where does the food go? 

Produce is harvested 2-3 times per week and used in the kitchen for meals on campus. Extra produce is given to students and faculty.

Accomplishments since 2014 School Garden 101 class: 

  • Started a garden club
  • Purchased 2 wooden compost bins
  • Purchased 2 seed grow carts (able to grow roughly 400 seedlings per cart)
  • Constructed 9 raised beds and in-ground beds
  • Harvested a hundred or more pounds of produce

Future goals and projects: 

  • Construct 3 new raised garden beds
  • Build more plant supports/construct trellis for vertical growing
  • Link curriculum to garden via microbiology course, environmental science course, and service projects for human relations class.


Andie Donnan: 563-495-7336


Sue Troy




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